Nata Reforestation and Management

Looking For  Employment?

​Are you interested in a  tree planting or cooking position with our company? You may do so by submitting a cover letter and resume with 2 references.

Our foremen and leadership team will review your resume and application, and correspond with you through email and phone interviews.  

There is no “best” time to apply.  We recommend inquiring early in the year, as positions do fill up quickly. Having said that, there may be openings made available at anytime due to foreman needing an extra planter.

Thank you for your interest in joining Nata Reforestation.

In Summary your application should include:

  • Cover letter, introducing yourself and stating why you think you would be a good planter, cook or baker.
  • Contact information

  • Resume, with two character references.

For more information please call Steve at 250-612-1733 email:​,  or fill in the information form on the page.