Home sweet home

Our Camp

Nata Reforestation provides a safe and healthy camp atmosphere for our employees.  Our camps are inspected annual by BC Health Authorities to ensure we are meeting current standards.

Our kitchen is housed in a 48 foot reefer trailer, that provides breakfasts, lunch and suppers for all our employees.

Breakfasts include, but are not limited to

- oatmeal with toppings

- eggs, pancakes (cornbread, etc) and a breakfast meat

- yogurt and fruit


-planters will pack their own lunches each work day

- sandwiches with several meat selections

-Cheese tray

- cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, onions

- 3 options of baking

- 3 options of fruit

- trail mix


Perhaps our favorite meal of the day, our supper options

are amazing.  Some meals include, but aren't limited to

- taco night

- sausages and perogies

- spaghetti and meat sauce

-Sweet n Sour chicken

All our suppers include a meat option, carbohydrate,

hot vegetable, 2 salad options and dessert.

Camp Showers

Our camps are equipped with a bosch hot water system,

allowing all our campers to shower as often as required,  due to having a continuous supply of hot water.  

Nata Reforestation and Management