Nata Reforestation and Management

Who Recommends Us:

Don Scott   Chetwynd Forest Industries  250-788-2686

Dale Benke  RPF/ Woodlot manager  250-788-1806

What We Offer

NATA Reforestation and Management provides services in reforestation as well as plantation and forest management.

Proprietors Stephen Ardell and David Ardell have been in the silvaculture business for three decades and are experienced in:

  •        reforestation implementation services
  •        planting, brushing, and spacing
  •        stock handling and trucking services
  •        occupational first aid
  •        mapping services
  •        prescribed burning
  •        pruning
  •        cone picking
  •        wildlife tree assessing

As a result of Nata's years of experience, our skills and work ethic among our employee's are second to none in this industry.